Hull number 1 of the innovative Nedship Solarwave series will demonstrate a myriad of features for self-sustained cruising.

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Nedship is near completion of Yacht #1 in the new Solarwave series, promising revolutionary low maintenance and self-sustainability.

Based on the design from Dr Orhan Celikkol and the Solar Energy package by Michael Köhler, this combination brings the highest result to this exceptional and advanced yacht concept of a real '0' emission (and consumption) yacht.

Nedship has been working on the development of '0' emission 60-foot passenger boats and Michael Köhler having tested the power system for four years on a smaller prototype, have brought the two groups together under the brand name Solarwave to develop this brand new 62-foot series, with the latest technology for an independent handling for yachts.

An electric powered yacht needs a perfect design and especially a very lightweight construction, so Nedship brought partners into the project, including Builder A.R.C. Yachts Antalya and the entire design works by Dr Orhan Celikkol, who is one of the earliest pioneers of epoxy/carbon composite yachts.

Features never seen before like a retractable sky roof and a 6.5-metre tender garage on a luxury catamaran of that size are underlining the exclusive standards and quality of the yacht.

The interacting electric power concept by the solar roof, battery bank, BMS System and all the other electronics starts a new era of yachting. Under normal circumstances, this yacht does not need any fuel to cruise around the world, not even a shore power in marinas.

Flexibility and self-sustainability were key when designing the layouts on the new SolarWave 62.

This self-sustaining yacht gives the independency to owners who like to be on the sea for long periods at a time and who are looking for a yacht that also has a tremendous low maintenance and cost plan.

The configuration and available options gives also a flexibility for owners to customise their own yacht according to expectations.

The high build quality and solid state structures Nedship is accustomed to on their superyachts are also becoming a part of the Solarwave 62, allowing the yacht to be a much greater reliable world cruiser.

Beside the Solarwave 62', Nedship is also developing the SolarWind 64' (a retractable sail assisted version), the Relax 72' and the Eclipse 84' (a full tri-deck) with the same concepts.

For the clients not so dedicated to green principles, all models are offered with optional additional diesel engines, so after cruising the whole day with '0' emission and you just want to 'get back home', you just turn on the engines and enjoy the higher speed of the extremely efficient slender hulls.

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