Capsule captivates

From tender to mini-yacht, the Jet Capsule promises “a new concept in water mobility”.

Images Sea Jet Capsule

If it wasn’t the hit of the Monaco Yacht Show this year, it deserved to be! This nifty little tender will turn heads and stand out on the water and at moorings.

Jet capsule tender at marina.

Designed as a novel superyacht tender, the Jet Capsule is the brainchild of Italian designers with automotive backgrounds. It measures 7-metres (23-feet) with a width of 3.5-metres (13-feet), giving it girth and internal space beyond competitors of a similar size.

Jet capsule at night.

The interior can be customised for comfort, with a sofa and a bed, for use as a water taxi with seating for up to nine people, or the “Living” mini-yacht version, complete with kitchen, private bathroom and sofa that coverts to a double bed. There are also “Party”, “Emergency rescue” and “Amored” models for commercial usage. The Jet Capsule is powered by a hydro jet propulsion system, between 120Hp and 800Hp.

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